Research and Evaluation

CPAC aims to inspire physically active and healthy lifestyles of individuals of all abilities and disparities. The fundamental goal of the Centre is to conduct physical activity and healthy living outreach programs to the community as an avenue for conducting holistic and integrated research. Research stemming from the Centre will address the multi-faceted and interactive factors that contribute to PA and healthy living. Research may include but is not limited to motor and cognitive development, psychosocial antecedents and consequences, physiological mechanisms and adaptations, and health and wellbeing, both cross-sectionally and longitudinally. 

Importantly, the Centre will specifically focus on physical activity for individuals who may experience barriers to physical activity, such as those who are marginalized, at-risk for health conditions, and/or have physical/developmental/chronic issues. The outcome will be innovative physical activity and healthy living programs that engage and motivate individuals to be physically active daily, and throughout their lives, while reducing sedentary behaviours.


The fundamental goal of the Centre will be realized through four integrated research objectives:

Objective 1

Develop a coherent understanding of the effects of PA on the development of motor abilities, cognitive abilities, and social behaviours in children, youth, and adults.

Objective 2

Explore the socio-ecological (individual, interpersonal, organizational, community, and public policy) antecedents and consequences of physical activity

Objective 3

Determine the cardiovascular, metabolic, neurophysiological, and muscular adaptations to PA.

Objective 4

Quantify the health and wellbeing of individuals from a variety of perspectives, such as sleep, nutrition, cognitive, motor, social, and parental influences.

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